Our curriculum is an open one featuring multi-layer, multi-direction, multi-domain and modular. The whole teaching process will be brimming with quality-oriented education and cutting-edge technical lectures all the time.

The introduction listed below is just for reference. You can consult the detailed majors and courses in the latest education plan and course curriculum.

The public compulsory courses of Financial Informatics and Management
(5 subjects,17 credits)
Order Course Name Course Name Credit
1 0A000 Natural Dialectics 2
2 0A001 English 2
3 0E103 Graduation Practice and Paper B 8
4 0F102 Quality-oriented Education 2
5 0F104 Comprehensive Practice 3
The professional compulsory courses of Financial Informatics and Management
Order Specialty Directions Course Name Credit
1 IT Project Management Data, Model and Decision-making 2
Project Management 3
Advanced Project Management 3
Project Cost Management 3
2 IT Service Marketing Management Marketing Theory and Strategy Execution 3
Project Management 3
International Marketing of High and New Products 3
Marketing Model and Research 3
3 Innovation and Venture Capital Management Research and Development Management 3
Project Management 3
Venture Capital Management 3
Innovation Management 2
4 Financial Information Service Data, Model and Decision-making 2
Financial Engineering 3
Project Management 3
Commercial Bank Management 3